BECTU Sound Branch

A branch of the BECTU London Production Division

What is the sound branch?

The Sound Branch represents freelance Sound Mixers,  Supervisors, Recordists, assistants and trainees in the London Production Division of BECTU: the media and entertainment sector of the Prospect trade union. 

The Sound Branch is its members, that’s all sound professionals working in the industry that are members of BECTU.

The Sound Branch is represented by The Sound Branch Committee.  That Committee being made up of working Sound Professionals who give some spare time, unpaid, to act on behalf of the members.

The Committee oversees the day to day running of the Branch, our Reps attend meetings with employers to negotiate working agreements for Terms & Conditions and rates.  We seek to communicate information to our members regarding negotiations and meetings and more importantly to discover from our members what particular areas of concern they may have and what stance they would like The Branch take on any particular issue 

The Branch is as strong as its members, the more voices and opinions we hear, the more we can accurately act on the will of the members. Everything the Sound  Branch does is decided democratically by the members, through an elected committee . If there’s something you’d like the Branch to do, or an issue that you think needs tackling, please let us know.

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